JoomFish: default language when entering the site

When installing a new language, usually the website remains set to enter the site on the older language. If you, however, want to change that, go to:

Extensions -> Plugins -> JFrouter  and set ‘Language selection for new visitors’ to ‘site default language’.

In order for this to work on your used browser make sure you clear your cache memory of the browser and clear the cookies. (In the same plugin there is an option that allows the website to set a language for a specific user by installing a cookie).


There are no translations available.

Whenever you install joomfish and a new language, this thing appears on top of the content you whenever you don’t have a translation for that article:

There are no translations available.

In order to get rid of that phrase go to:

Joom!Fish > Control Panel > Parameters-> ‘what to show if there is no translation available’

and set that parameter to “The original content”

Insert iframe and other code into articles

By default, the TinyMCE editor that comes with Joomla has the Code cleanup option enabled. That means that, whenever you want to insert an iframe (for example) in an article, at saving it will get cleaned up and it disappears. If you want to able to easy insert such things as youtube videos or google maps, here’s what you have to do:

Go to Extensions -> Plugin manager -> Editor – TinyMCE. At plugins parameters, Code cleanup on save select never and than click apply.

Change width of a dropdown menu

If you want to change the width of the dropdown menu, you can best do so by changing some parameters in the fusionmenu.css file. Find the following code:

/* Dropdown Surrounds */
.menutop ul {width: 187px;padding: 6px 0;margin: 0;}
.menutop .drop-top {display: none;}
.menutop .level2 > .drop-top {display: none;}
.menutop ul.columns2 {width: 361px;padding: 6px 0;}
.menutop .columns2 > .drop-top {width: 361px;}

/* Dropdown Items */
.menutop ul li {width: 184px;margin-left: 2px;padding: 6px 0;}
.menutop ul.columns2 li {width: 178px;float: left;margin-left: 2px;}

And modify the bolded numbers with the new dimensions. This way you can modify the width both for single column and double column menus.

Article Submission Layout customize

If you ever used the Article Submission Layout from Joomla Core, maybe you didn’t need all those fields to be available to the user. There is a way to customize the form to fit your needs. If you are using the default template, go to:


if you are using another template go to:


Find the portion of the code that you do not want to be displayed and just comment it like this:

<?php /*


*/ ?>

Read more bug on Joomla

I noticed this on various rocketthemes. When inserting a read more inside an article, it tends to mess up the display on all the articles on the same page, including the current article. It either doesn’t display anything,  or it makes the text all bold, or italic, or both. I haven’t figured out why exactly but, a solution to this is to go to the html code of the article. The read more code is:

<hr id=”system-readmore” />

The idea is to  make sure that no empty html tags are before or after this line of code.  This means that no html tags are opened and closed without real content inside of them. This thing is good:

<strong>Hello, world!</strong>

But this thing isn’t:


Just make sure you erase the unnecessary code and everything will go ok.